About Walrus

A Household Name for Water Pumps in Taiwan Since 1967

Walrus Pump was founded in 1967 as a Taiwan-based leading brand in pumps. In pursuing innovation, Walrus Pump set up two laboratories for pump and motor research to optimize product performance in alignment with global trends.

Walrus Pump owned 100+ patents. Also, the first company in Taiwan to have developed low-noise and intelligent pumps. With 6 certifications CE, RoHS2.0, CSA-C/US, 3C, ISO9001. WALRUS Pump is honored by Taiwan Excellence Award, High-Efficiency Motor Award, and The National Brand Yushan Award. We continue to define our strengths with Durability, Peace of Mind and Energy Efficiency. Currently, WALRUS Pump is the No.1 brand in Taiwan’s market.

In 1995 TPE was officially distributor of Walrus Pump. With our commitment to “Promoting Green is our commitment to the earth” and Policy “Customer success is our goal”. We are a professional in water pumps, having experienced sales engineers ready to provide the best possible solution and pursue our policy to provide high-quality products and services promptly. Also, provide delivery and training on how to install systematically and professionally.

TPE has been granted ISO 9001 certification for quality management system by SGS (Thailand) and provides high quality products and services which are continually developed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Awards & Recognition

A strong portfolio of patents and recognized certifications

Through direct and indirect sales channels, Walrus' products are available in 100+ countries/regions, including Mainland China, US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, Japan, India, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Our products have achieved CE and RoHS (in Europe), CSA-C/US (in North America), 3C (in China) and ISO9001 certification. As the leading pump brand in Taiwan, Walrus is the proud owner of more than 100 Taiwanese patents. In addition, we have received many design patents from China, Japan, EU and US patent authorities.

Certificate of Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award

ISO 9001 Certificate

CE Certificate

CSA-C/US Certificate

TAF Certificate

TUV NORD Certificate

RoHS Certificate

TIPS Certificate

Taiwan Excellence Awards